Sidonia’s Seam Binding – A Holocaust Dressmaker’s Daughter Discovers Her Style

Set in both Springfield, Massachusetts, and northern Connecticut, the story begins when Hanna is an adolescent, who carries out her mother’s dreams of a symbiotic relationship that showcases her incredible talent as a fashion creator. Yet her mother, Sidonia, is still unable to share her innermost secrets about her daughter’s conception. Sidonia’s Seam Binding describes how the author develops her own life’s ambitions and behavioral style as she grows into adulthood, in spite of, or perhaps due to, her mother’s vision and aspirations.

The story takes the reader into the author’s imagined alternate version of Sidonia’s life as though she had never been born. How different would her mother’s life have been without her in it? Combined with a look back into her Hungarian ancestry, devastated by the Holocaust, Hanna discovers aspects of her persona and lifestyle that she never recognized before.

Join Hanna as she explores her experiences, emotions, aspirations, imagination, and heritage, the elements all mixed to produce the distinctive human qualities of her nature. HANNA PERLSTEIN MARCUS was born at the Bergen Belsen displaced persons camp after World War II and later immigrated to Springfield, Massachusetts, with her mother. She is a licensed clinical social worker. Her first two books, Sidonia’s Thread and Surviving Remnant, have earned numerous awards and have been read around the world. She has two children and four grandchildren and lives in Connecticut.

Publisher: Buttonhole Publishing
Author: Hanna Perlstein Marcus
ISBN Print: 9780997971224
EBook ISBN: 9780997971231
Publication Date: June 2023

Excerpt from Sidonia’s Seam Binding
The Prologue

She finished every hem with lace seam binding. No hemstitches were ever exposed. She did this not only to ensure that no raveling of the fabric threads would occur, but also to add beauty to the garment’s bottom inside edge. The pleasing veneer of the seam binding mirrored her own pattern of covering up her true feelings of sadness, shame, and resentment with outward pride, pseudo-confidence, and pleasant conversation.