Future Teachers of America

By - Hanna Perlstein Marcus
November 20, 2020

Today is Future Teachers of America Day! During the Covid pandemic, teachers have shown their resilience and commitment to their work in taking on new methods of teaching their students. I know it has not been easy, either for teachers, administrators, or their students. It is then especially important to remind kids that teaching is one of the most important professions that exists. It lays the foundation not only for our future careers but to know more about the earth in which we all live, the nature of human behavior, the meaning of commitment, and the tools we need to build effective neighborhoods and a united country. As I work with the great creative team that is developing our traveling version of the Sidonia’s Thread Exhibit, we can have no greater goal than assuring that our work will help to teach children and adults more about the human condition and the ways in which knowledge of those who have come before us can inform our present world. Stay tuned for more about the Sidonia’s Thread Traveling Exhibit soon!

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