BookLife Critic Report

By - Hanna Perlstein Marcus
November 30, 2023

BookLife recently critiqued my new book, Sidonia’s Seam Binding, and called it “an engrossing, charismatic narrative, and readers will be captivated by the creative imagining of [the author’s] alternate reality…The narrative was obviously crafted with great care and love, assembling a story rich with intriguing details and engaging characters.”

That is exactly what I was trying to achieve with this tale. For instance, my motivation for researching Sidonia’s family lineage back to the eighteenth century was not to just devise a list of relatives’ names and locations. By indicating who they were, their extensive reach in their own little part of the world, and their ultimate, unfortune evaporation from the earth, I attempted to tell a story about how injustice, war, and genocide not only cause the demise of those that lived and contributed to the universe, but tragically change the trajectory of those who come after them. Sidonia, one of their few survivors, must have inherited their fortitude, pride, and industrious character.

Learn more about Sidonia’s lost kin in Chapter 22, “Yardstick,” in Sidonia’s Seam Binding.

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